July / 8 / 2021

Berghain and Plötze, openings for next weekend in Berlin.

Berghain and Plötze, openings for next weekend in Berlin.


The legendary Berlin club opens its gardens in a session starting at 13.00 hrs. under the name Klubgarten. More than nine months have passed since the music last played at Berghain, and this time, in Saturday and Sunday sessions, there are already some confirmed names: Etapp Kyle, Freddy K, Paramida, Ben Klock and Gabrielle Kwarteng for this first weekend and Fiedel, Roman Flügel, Gerd Janson and a B2B of two tremendous females, Steffi and Virginia.
The safety rules before the Covid are clear and strict:
“Only in dry weather. For your and everyone’s protection against droplet infection and aerosols, hygiene measures are guaranteed in the Klubgarten. Admission only for people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative within 24 hours. Before entering, the published QR code must be scanned to document one’s presence [attendance register ? admission guarantee]. Mouth and nose must be covered by one’s own medical mask or FFP2 in the queue, the entrance area and throughout the Klubgarten.”
But this is not the only joy in the Berlin clubber scene; the national figures on the pandemic are excellent and new possibilities are opening up… like Plötze.



On the shores of a lake in the Wedding district, a multicultural neighbourhood with several parks and residential areas, a sandy dance floor and a sound system from the world of Reggae (what better guarantee of a good sound…), Plötze will be opening this coming weekend.
On July 10th the Lago Do Mato party with Vlada, Giammarco Orsini, Jonas Köksal, Patrick Poitz and Paul Kine will start at 12.00 hrs. At the same start time, on 18 July Pornceptual plays, with Rotciv, Projekt Gestalten, Laura de Vasconcelos and Grace Kelly, and on 24 July Luke Slater as “the 7th plain” and with the support of Laurine & Cecilio.
As stated on their website:
“We are happy to see you dancing again after a long period of restrictions. Please follow the Corona rules to make sure we can continue to welcome you:

Wear a mask when you are not seated
Bring a negative Corona test or a proof of vaccination
Use the hygiene stations provided
Leave your details at the entrance, or better still, connect to the Luca app.

If we all take care of each other and our environment, we can look forward to a summer full of unforgettable experiences.”

News like this fills us with hope. Hopefully these two initiatives will continue throughout the summer.

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