January / 28 / 2021

Glastonbury postponed to 2022… definitely?

Glastonbury postponed to 2022… definitely?

Image from Glastonbury Festival Facebook

Michael Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury festival, announced a few days ago (January 21st) the cancellation of the festival for its 2021 edition. The edition was postponed to 2022, and ticket holders who had paid in advance for this year’s ticket (which was sold out) can now cash in their tickets for next year.

Clearly, given the global situation, the thought of a Glasto with 200,000 attendees in June was unviable.

But 85-year-old Eavis, in an exclusive statement to British radio station LBC, did not give up completely. The last year, 2020, was due to mark the 50th anniversary of the festival at Worhty Farm, Somerset, and Eavis has a wish that no one knows if he will be able to fulfil.

The first edition of the festival was held on September 18th 1970, and its founder would love to be able to hold a mini-edition this year with dates close to the first edition. But all this, of course, will depend on the global and UK situation in relation to the pandemic that has been ravaging the world since March 2020.

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