April / 14 / 2022

Jump Around is BMW´s first album

Jump Around is BMW´s first album


A great trio of German DJ’s and producers created in 2018 with their first EP Like Children for Pleasure Zone Limited arrives to deliver their first full-length album. BMW is the name of this team, consisting of Christian Burkhardt, Carsten Schuchmann aka MEAT and Christopher Holz better known as Chris Wood.

The trio’s first album, Jump Around, arrives on  April 29th on Muna Musik and the title track has been released as a preview single. True to the trio’s spirit and jovial approach, Jump Around lives up to its opening mantra in style, offering no less than eight tracks instinctively designed to get the drum machine simmering.

First up, Deeper kicks off true Detroit house style with a pulsating mix of filtered loops, obsessive strings and thumping drums, topped off with snippets of inspirational chatter to keep your brain educated as you get your groove on. A more groundbreaking affair, Music revs up the engines to settle somewhere between electroid hedonism and loungey house vibes, organically following the flow of watery bass and silky drums that drive its dripping, sensual movement. The paragon of a 21st century disco tune – monster edit this one, Super Sync turns the heat up a notch with its ebullience of chiselled funk bass, swirling synths and fluttering melodies that dissolve into the ether. Upstairs sits in a more ambient-focused lane, but with epic subwoofer traction and a raucous, steamy sound design that makes it perfect for sustained club operations.



Driven by a weirder affluence and syncopated swagger, Don’t Make Me Wait goes straight for the jugular with its doped-up programming and playful amalgamation of weird synth ghosts, processed vocal stabs and relentless bass onslaughts. The lead single, Jump Around, is a showcase of house boldness and exhales flavours and aromas of French Touch, with a hint of acid and subdued RnB, perfectly calibrated to get crowds moving in unison. Cutting a space opera-compatible path of euphoria across the dancefloor, There Is No Reason builds into a bizarre sequence of bass flexes, percussion and exoplanetary tapestries. The final number, Great Groove, rounds off the package on a dynamic, DJ-friendly note, slowly hatching into a kind of falsely spacious finale, then back into a final salvo of hi-NRG jack that will bring everyone to their knees.
The record is one of the surprises of this early part of 2022, fun, dancefloor-driven but with that elegance that has the finer side of the German underground.

Release date, April 29th, pre order available here


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