July / 14 / 2021

Oliver Koletzki´s new album – Made of Wood

Oliver Koletzki´s new album – Made of Wood

Photo Daniel Heitmueller


Today we present a new album by a German dance artisan, with an extensive career that has earned him the respect of his colleagues and the most varied audiences. Born in Braunschweig, a German town in Lower Saxony, but based in that fundamental nucleus of electronic music called Berlin, Olivier Koletzki presents us with his ninth album, Made of Wood. This release is the natural conclusion to a trilogy that began with The Arc of Tension and continued with Fire in the Jungle.
Once again, Koletzki carries out an organic exploration of sounds from other latitudes, without losing his personal signature on the journey.



Its gestation begins in Tulum, Mexico, during the winter of 2019, and it was during the following year that he completed the album in Berlin, assisted by numerous live musicians and vocalists. Wooden instruments such as djembes, marimbas, santoors or duduks are added to the electronic bases, shaping a rhythmic and vibrant result, and partly made of wood, as the title of the album itself indicates.





The album will be released on July 16th on his own label, Stil Vor Talent, and features important collaborations with Trier-based DJ and producer Niko Schwind, vocalists Judith Ahrends, Felix Raphael, Elih, Italian percussionist Walter Scalzone and Wennink. The result is a delicious amalgam of sounds with such suggestive titles (in Spanish) as Caravana de los Elefantitos or Serpiente del Ritmo.

Like Koletzki’s entire discography, this album is absolutely recommendable, a breath of fresh air for the summer of 2021.

You can already pre-order it in both physical and digital format on your favourite platform.


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