March / 10 / 2020

Pioneer DJ changes ownership

Pioneer DJ changes ownership

The Japanese company Noritsu has just paid more than 300 million dollars to take over Pioneer DJ, which belonged to the KKR company. In a statement made by the brand, they said that “business, operations and the brand, including the name, will not be affected. We will continue to contribute to the music industry with our innovative products and superior services through Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, KUVO, TORAIZ and Pioneer Professional Audio Brands. ”

The new owners of Pioneer DJ have businesses linked to printing and scanning equipment as well as goods related to the pharmaceutical industry. Although not related to the DJ world, they have connections to manufacturing and resources to potentially Pioneer DJ hardware.

A few months ago, previous owners had announced that the Pioneer DJ Corporations brand, which encompasses Pioneer DJ, would be renamed AlphaTheta Corporations, which would not affect the name of Pioneer DJ.

The brand currently covers 60% of the DJ market, so the news probably implies a high impact on the industry, although we will have to wait until we see its true result.

The new company is likely to emphasize the rekordbox subscription model that was announced a few weeks ago and that could be one of the pillars of the Pioneer DJ business in the future.

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